Thursday, April 8, 2010

Busy Trinket Maker...


So, I realized that the upcoming Graffiti Beach Indie Lux Pop-Up  store show will be 8 hours long.. I sold out fairly fast of the watch sets, the matryoshka doll pieces, my vintage pocket watch gear pieces as well as other minimal pieces that I made for The Modern Tchotchkes show. So, thinking of the need of ample inventory I began tearing things apart once again last night. I ended up making two sets of earrings and two that are meant to be worn as single earring pieces and one necklace.. I began on another pair but I was too tired. I mean it was nearly 12:30am and I had been up since 6:30am... So, peeps here are some of my most recent trinkets! Here is a link to where you can purchase tickets online for the upcoming show.

The ones that I really dig and is hard to part with is the ones that I made that are meant to be worn as single pieces that have lighting bolts on them. Yes lighting bolts I thought to myself when I ran across them as such a cliche.. But, I tore them apart added some broken pieces of chains and watch gears and here I have something rad.. I call them "Disco Bitch I" and "Disco Bitch II"..  The watch earrings do not work.. sorry.. But, they are still rad.. Besides who would want a tik-tok sound going off all the time in their ears? I did however name them "Gargamel" after a man that I met at my last show. He found it offensive that I tear watches apart. He was an obvious collector or a clocks-smith.... At any rate I thought of you sir when I was tearing aoart the watch face from the band and recycling them into what I now call "GARGAMEL"

Thanks Melanie once again from Graffiti Beach for inviting me to take part of your event! Not only will I be there as vendor but was asked if I along with my friend who is showing with me Gina (Gina Will Cut You ) will be doing the models hair for the fashion show.. Yes it will be a long busy day!

I also just made a Le Modern Trinket facebook page... Friend me!!/LeModernTrinket?v=wall&ref=profile  


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