Sunday, November 20, 2011

Le Modern Trinket blog is now on WordPress follow me!

Hey peeps just an FYI to those who check out my clog and have noticed that I have been mum lately. I have recently had a website facelift and I  am now blogging using WordPress. So you can still keep posted via my website. Le Modern Trinket.

On that note if you ever need an amazing web designer, graphic designer  I have to highly recommend Steph Calvert of Hearts and Laserbeams! She is seriously the most talented person ever! The best by far from any web designer that I have ever meet. So if you need work done phone her!!! 

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Key ~ Jeff Desom

Hauschka - The Key from Jeff Desom on Vimeo.

Came across this short film/video while perusing Fatcat Records website.. Just wanted to share. Produced by Jeff Desom. It's cute and well done for being made on a budget of only £2000  ($3148 USD) ..

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Flamboyage is the technique, Flamboyance is the collection! I LOVE Davines

I recently went away for Davines educators update training and walked away inspired, motivated and excited. Not only excited about the recent launch of our four new haircare products Volu Shampoo, Conditioner and the new Volu (volume) Boosting Moisturizing Mist and our new OI/OIL but I was very excited to learn a new colouring technique called Flamboyage.

Flamboyage is the new modern technique of colouring hair for the modern woman designed by the Davines artistic director Angelo Seminara. It's not like balayage, ombre or highlights. This is an innovative colouring technique that gives the hair depth, natural looking and brighter results without the re-growth effect. Flamboyage enhances natural colours and blends. Perfect for lightening or darkening the hair. I added a YouTube video on Flamboyage which will give you a better idea of the concept and of the technique. The technique is actually done using a tool called Flamboyage Meche paper. There are no foils used. Sounds strange to some but it's amazing and the results are beautiful. It's a new way to experience colour and I am excited to add this service to my list of colour services in the salon in November. Here's some images from my recent day of  training at the M. Bird Studio in Culver City. Many thank you's to the owner and staff for hosting our Davines TTT Update.

Davines Regional Educator Sunny. 

Example of sectioning. 

The application of lightener on the meche

Meet Flamboyage!

When the Flamboyance collection  launched in Europe recently it was such a hit that the Flamboyage Meche sold out. So, it's back in production and we will be getting it into our distributors warehouse latter in October. To book a free consultation or any hair service with me at gods&heros salon you can phone 714.557.1691

Check out my Facebook page for upcoming info on Flamboyage!!

Memento trinkets partie deux

I dug up a few other recent commission pieces that I have been working on for one of my clients and here are some of them. My rad client Mary has given me little mementos that were once her parents and grandparents. Including photographs which I am a huge fan of using vintage photography in my pieces. It has been an ongoing  project that I am making custom pieces for her nieces that she is giving as gifts. Some of the more recent trinkets I began to run out of materials that she gave me so I included some of my own found objects such as watch gears, faux pearls, radio resistors and various links all of which are vintage.

If you are interested in having some trinkets made contact me at
You can view more of my stuff on my Facebook page and soon there will be a gallery on

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Memento Art...

I have a client who has commissioned trinkets from me. She has given some of her mothers, fathers, grandfathers and grandmothers jewelry so that I can upcycle and make pieces for her nieces as gifts.  I love doing commission pieces especially when it's from a clients personal collection of jewelry. It means more to the client and for the person who will be gifted. Little memories. Here is one of the many pieces that I have done for her recently. 

This has been the first time that I have ever used a man tie clip in a piece. I took the engraved tie clip which was engraved with her grandfather initials and used it.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Beyond Eden Art Fair 2011.

Check this show out! Beyond Eden Art Fair. Half a dozen galleries get together under one roof at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery.   Heres are a list of the galleries that are participating in the event. You can see the artist listed in the show at the main website for Beyond Eden Art Fair! Thinkspace GalleryCopro Gallery,  C.A.V.E. Gallery, Nucleus Gallery,  La Luz de Jesus Gallery

Below is a clip of one of my friends who is showing at the Thinkspace Gallery Craig "SKIBS" Barker's of his process of his installation.


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Project Green Thumb..

Testing out my green thumb project has been fun! Whilst I have been spending time hunting for various vintage planters getting creative with the actual planting of them and making use of found objects and "readymades" and using these as planers I have seen some success. With tips and advice from my friend Adriana Martinez of "ANARCHY IN THE GARDEN"   my green thumb project is a project of fun. Friends say I have recently become domesticated. I recently received a  "domestic" badge from Yelp for all of my "domestic" like check-ins, Home Depot is my friend and The Plant Stand sees a lot of me. Now I am receiving succulents and found items that people think I can use as planters for my project and the we hung a hammock and hung candle holders from the branches of my tree for a "whimsical" feel. YET, I am not tied down though I feel like a little housewife with all of my projects going on..  Lets just say I LOVE HOME.. When, I am home... I am still awaiting that day to lay in my hammock.. Here's a peek into some of the fun stuff that I have been busy doing.

This was a not fun to dig. 

new project. a cinder block planter wall.. 

Our hammock that I've yet to use. 
Turning my vintage collection of vases.goblets into planters.
Mid Century planter I found in a thrift shop. 
found this awesome succulent @ the Plant Stand.. Planted myself.

Old found piano bench I have turned into a planter (before)
Vintage planter I found.  Planting Cacti is tricky.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Vintage Makes Me Smile!

A typical Sunday spent perusing flea markets, thrift shops, swap meets and mid century warehouse shops! Heres a peek into some of my recent finds and scores!! The boyfriend and I have been doing a little redecorating of our places. I've been switching up some pieces and of course I always hunt for trinket making materials for my upcycled vintage jewelry line Le Modern Trinket. I've been  in the process of doing a lot of landscaping in the backyard as well as learning how to have a green thumb! Our summer project has been fun!! 

Bakelite bangle score from the Melrose Trading Post $30! 

New addition to my owl collection! 

Newest addition. Folding Kodak Brownie camera. 

Vintage bullet planter that I should of got at last weekends Rose Bowl Flea Market. 

my new painting original oil on canvas painting from Go Mod Retro 

My amazing mid century Danish arm lounge chair. Very similar to that of the Poul Jensen Selig Z chair. 

My new Selig like mid century Danish lounge chair!! picked up @ Go Mod Retro

I LOVE BLENKO! SCORE! Blenko Persian Vase!!  It looks rad with my collection! 

My Panasonic score! I can play my iPod on this thing