Sunday, September 18, 2011

Project Green Thumb..

Testing out my green thumb project has been fun! Whilst I have been spending time hunting for various vintage planters getting creative with the actual planting of them and making use of found objects and "readymades" and using these as planers I have seen some success. With tips and advice from my friend Adriana Martinez of "ANARCHY IN THE GARDEN"   my green thumb project is a project of fun. Friends say I have recently become domesticated. I recently received a  "domestic" badge from Yelp for all of my "domestic" like check-ins, Home Depot is my friend and The Plant Stand sees a lot of me. Now I am receiving succulents and found items that people think I can use as planters for my project and the we hung a hammock and hung candle holders from the branches of my tree for a "whimsical" feel. YET, I am not tied down though I feel like a little housewife with all of my projects going on..  Lets just say I LOVE HOME.. When, I am home... I am still awaiting that day to lay in my hammock.. Here's a peek into some of the fun stuff that I have been busy doing.

This was a not fun to dig. 

new project. a cinder block planter wall.. 

Our hammock that I've yet to use. 
Turning my vintage collection of vases.goblets into planters.
Mid Century planter I found in a thrift shop. 
found this awesome succulent @ the Plant Stand.. Planted myself.

Old found piano bench I have turned into a planter (before)
Vintage planter I found.  Planting Cacti is tricky.

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