Friday, September 16, 2011

Vintage Makes Me Smile!

A typical Sunday spent perusing flea markets, thrift shops, swap meets and mid century warehouse shops! Heres a peek into some of my recent finds and scores!! The boyfriend and I have been doing a little redecorating of our places. I've been switching up some pieces and of course I always hunt for trinket making materials for my upcycled vintage jewelry line Le Modern Trinket. I've been  in the process of doing a lot of landscaping in the backyard as well as learning how to have a green thumb! Our summer project has been fun!! 

Bakelite bangle score from the Melrose Trading Post $30! 

New addition to my owl collection! 

Newest addition. Folding Kodak Brownie camera. 

Vintage bullet planter that I should of got at last weekends Rose Bowl Flea Market. 

my new painting original oil on canvas painting from Go Mod Retro 

My amazing mid century Danish arm lounge chair. Very similar to that of the Poul Jensen Selig Z chair. 

My new Selig like mid century Danish lounge chair!! picked up @ Go Mod Retro

I LOVE BLENKO! SCORE! Blenko Persian Vase!!  It looks rad with my collection! 

My Panasonic score! I can play my iPod on this thing


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