Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Rothick Art Haus presents "Rebornz Room and Board" show.. 4/10/2010

If you don't have any plans this Saturday night (April 10th) Then I would hope to see you at the Rothick Art Haus Rebornz Room and Board show.. I swung by the gallery on Sunday with my boyfriend to drop off some of the decks he made for the show. I got a first look at the decks before they were hung.. Of course I will be here to support my beau and other friends that are showing.. Some of the artist that will be showing are Randy Rebornz, Ryan Clemens, the Raw feautred artist and winner of the Harvey's tote bag design Cody "Mustachio" Lusby, Aaron Kraten, Aileen Holmes, Kelly Castillo, Jason Hernandez, Jophen Stein. Craig Skibs Barker. That is just a few of the list of the artist.. There were tons of boards waiting to be hung.. It will be a rad show.. Plus, they also will have jewelry for sale and clothing.. I picked up a rad necklace the other day while we were there. Forgot the name of the artist but I rocked it today to work and got tons of compliments on it. Anyhoot Nick and Kelly owners and master minds behind Rothick Art Haus have a nice gallery rather a rad gallery yielding amazing emerging artists and established artists. I love the wall near the reatil side rather a door/wal that Kelly painted. It is amazing!  The show that I really want to go to is on May 15. The Glenn Arthur show.. But, I have another show to to go to at Curbside Gallery in Santa Ana the same night. Maybe I could quickly pop in..

Did I mention live art?!!!

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