Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Graffiti Beach Indie Lux Pop-Up, Handmade Brigade and trinket making.

Busy making more trinkets for upcoming shows.. I have tons of vintage Matryoshka dolls that I have yet to use.. I have prepped them drilled holes in them and glued them shut and the are ready to go..... They did fairly well at The Modern Tchotchkes show at Gallery 212. So I am going to plan on making more for the upcoming show that I was approached about being part of. The Graffiti Beach Indie Lux Pop-Up Store event on May 8th at the Hotel Maya... I'm pretty excited about this show along with being asked to put some of my stuff in the Rothick Art Haus display case and at Pink & Olive Boutique in Costa Mesa plus Etsy.. I am trying to get more made so I can load up on Etsy.. There is just me and no one else.. I almost need a sweat shop of Sanchez clones to think and make like me..

For my upcoming show I phoned up an old friend and invited her to join in. I will be teaming up with Gina who makes rad clip in hair extensions...  Don't think lame blonde boring clip ins. She really does fun things.. Like her version of "sea foam green" as well as loud fun manic panic color stuff.. Gina's Etsy store is Ginawillcutyou. The show is scheduled for May 8th brought to you by Graffiti Beach.. Thanks to Melanie for inviting me to join in.. I am super excited! If you buy tix for the show and you want to check out my stuff please make note on the ticket that it is for Le Modern Trinket. ;)

Also.. This Sunday (April 11th) is the Speakeasy II event at the Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa. Brought to you by the ladies of the Handmade Brigade.. I will not be showing.. Not enough time to make more trinkets. I will though be there helping my friends of Stuck On Vintage. If you dig vintage couture then swing by and check out their selection.. It is pretty much an eclectic selection of genres. Everything from the late 40's to the 60's, 70's and 80's.. More so 60's - 70's.. Lots of mod clothing and accessories! Hope to see you out there... I plan on being part of their next event in Long Beach!!

~Christina Sanchez (Le Modern Trinket)

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