Monday, March 29, 2010

pondering over The Modern Tchotchkes show.

My first show went well.. The turn out for The Modern Tchotchkes show at Gallery 212 was great. I heeded my friends advice and went in with low expectations and the end result was something that I never expected. We even got a Yelp review about our show! The combination of recycled vintage jewelry and vintage clothing and kitschy jewelry was a success. I was floored at the amount of response and questions of the curious people who found what I make interesting. I honestly just take whatever I find and tear it apart and put something else together. I have learned the more I think about it the more it becomes frustrating. My tedious long hours for this past month has been rewarding.

Gallery 212 would like to do yet another show on a larger scale. The owners of Pink & Olive boutique in Costs Mesa came out bought tons of my stuff and want to carry my jewelry in thier shop! The girls and I who showed at Gallery 212 want to do more craft shows and the ladies of Stuck On Vintage and I are talking about possible shows in LA. I also got a response back from the ladies of Patchwork today regarding becoming a vendor in their upcoming Spring indie arts & crafts festival. So much fun.. So much work.. I will also start listing on Etsy this week! This show gave me a chance to see what people like and want. Every one of my earrings with the vintage watches sold. As well as my sets with gears, Matryoshka's (Russian Nesting Dolls) and my blown glass pieces were the popular pieces.

I did recently decide to make something for the guys and turned a vintage Westclock pocket watch into a watch using an old watch band I had. Many of the more eclectic gents dug it but it was a little small for the wrist so I gotta fix that. Best part of the evening was a curious way overly curious older guy who reminded me of Gargamel had a 1001 questions as to how, why, what I did to make this watch. I guess he found it impossible that a chick could use a bloody drill and put things together. Trust me I love answering questions on how and why and what inspires me. However, his questions were a little rude and annoying. But, me having a dry sense of humor can appreciate folks like this. I honestly think he was either a collector of watches or a clocksmith. Latter, that evening we all (all that were showing and our beaus and friends) got together for dinner a late dinner at some horrid pub where I found out that "Gargamel" told his kid that I was ruining the watches. So, the proof is in the pudding he had to of been a collector or works with watches. As do I .. I am a collector of watches that tears them apart.. Just goes to show that not everything is for everyone and that's fine.

This has been the first Sunday in a long time that I have not been out at a flea market, thrift shop or a swap meet looking for materials to use. I slept in til after 9 which is rare. I even did brunch had a few cocktails and relaxed.. I even had a chance to do some shopping and meet friends for dinner and lounged. All though I was on line tonight looking for more materials...  Thank you to Gallery 212 for hosting the event! Thank you to everyone that came out and supported he show. We will be showing again very soon gathering up more crafty vendors!!

~Christina S. (LMT)
Thank you for everyone that showed.


  1. Yay Christina!! Congratulations on the success of your show, and having your items carried by a boutique! Looks like all of your very hard work has paid off and you should be feeling quite chuffed :)

  2. Indeed I am.. I have now found what is most popular that I make so I will be hunting (started on line) for some more stuff!!

  3. Hey Christina, This is awesome! It's inspiring to see you blast off with your jewelry line. It seems like I just heard about it and all-of-a-sudden you're throwing shows? wow. : )

  4. Thanks Aileen... It's a little surreal... I didn't think it was good enough and that others would respond as they have so I am very happy!!


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- Christina Sanchez