Saturday, April 10, 2010

"Hunt & Gather" collab show..

Last night my friends and I all jumped in my boyfriends parents huge ass van and rode out to ThinkSpace Gallery in Culver City for the opening reception of the Anthony Pontius exhibit in the main gallery "The Caped Cobra and his Merry Band of Riders" along with the collab group show in the project room of "Hunt & Gather" which was the launch of the book that our friend Aaron Kraten was in and had a 12x12" painting in as well. The show was good. Packed full of people some aging hipsters that looked rather tired. The show runs until April 30th. But tonight (April 10th) at ThinkSpace there will be a book signing obviously with some of the artist on site from 6-8pm to celebrate the release of the book. Craig Skibs Barker is also amongst those who had work in the project room..  Pieces are available for purchase as well.  There was one piece in the project room that I really liked and was a bit morbid but it was still interesting. It was a coffin. A small 3D wooded coffin with a metal image inside of it (3d) I wish I tool a pic but my hands were a little full. Holding my wine glass and my coat left me sans hands.. I also learned from an attendee about the sort of material I was wearing. Some guy approached my about my vintage poly dress  raving about the print, texture and material. I just thought it was a simple mod poly dress but there is more to it in which he raved on about and then kissed me as we parted. Nothing lip locking just little bessos on the checks.. Weird cus the boyfriend was there.  

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