Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cristiano Cora's "Velocity" collection @The Marconi Museum May, 02 2011

I recently went to a Davines / Bassett Salon Solutions presentation show featuring Cristiano Cora. Former Vidal Sassoon creative director and a current Davines visionary artist who also owns the Cora Salon and the Cora Academy in New York City. Cristiano was presenting his "Velocity" collection which was not only beautiful but motivating to watch but inspiring as well.  This is the reason why I love my industry. Hairstylist that are passionate about hair. I also admire it when hairstylist that take geometric shapes and apply it to a material such as hair. I had the opportunity to meet and chat with Cristiano after the show.. He really is an inspiring person!

Cristiano's first model "Angela" was cut on stage and the second model was pre-cut before the show. However he went over the cut and did his finishing work. He also went over all of the other models cuts while the Cora team went over the color placement and formulations using Davines Mask color. Which I learned a new thing that day about toning with Davines L'Art Decolor "Indian Yellow" ...  Pre-lightening with the Davines bleaching paste and adding the  L'Art Decolor "Indian Yellow" toner.  Then going back over after the  pre-lightened hair and toning it once again.. The yellow was so vibrant and beautiful!  Thank god for the "notes" feature on the iPhone.. I took so many notes on formulations! Excited to use them in the near future! As a hairstylist and working closely with Davines color and products on an everyday basis I find it essential to attend classes. Even if it's my fellow peers who are teaching a Davines Mask Color intro class or a Product Knowledge class. I feel I take away something priceless at each event.

All that I can say is that this show was worth EVERY-thing to attend!

                                    Cristiano Cora's Philosophy.

Anthony Molet. CEO of Davines North America and the Cora Team.
The Cristiano Cora Philosophy

"Our hair is one of the most personal forms of self expression that we have, an intrinsic part of our individuality and identity. Like the sculptor seeking the form and beauty in the raw rock, it is my challenge to work with my clients to help them find that identity and achieve the image that they desire.
I believe in user centered design. Modern, geometric yet organic shapes that are easy to manage, low maintenance and versatile. The Cristiano Cora look is innovative, progressive and sophisticated. Its functional, it's beautiful, its New York.

Combining the latest, cutting edge techniques, equipment and products with a design aesthetic that realises a harmony of art and technology, we strive to create new silhouettes and styles that push forward the art of the hair designer. This is luxury hair technology, a new aesthetic"

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