Sunday, May 1, 2011

Change is good! Christina Sanchez No longer at Shanghai Salon!

Life is about change and growth.. From relationships to work.. I just had a major change happen in my world and though it was a little scary it is so so nice to know that I will never have to see the DEVIL again! Clients of Shanghai Salon I am no longer there! I am now working at gods&heros salon.  You may phone the salon or email me to book your next appointment! I am EXCLUSIVELY using Davines hair color and products as I am an educator for Davines and Bassett Salon Solutions! My new space is AMAZING and I am excited on this new change! Also excited about working side by side my friend Jennifer Baker who is also no longer at Shanghai Salon!!! We took our own stand and would not allow someone to dictate our education! It's certainly LAME as an employer who claims that "they encourage education and growth" to turn around and give ultimatums about attending a event/class which only will benefit not only the stylist and clients but also in turn the salon.  Hindering ones growth in any career is just insane and to be a follower in a cult like that is pathetic. I certainly have no respect for anyone who will conform with such insanity. I am proud to be working with a new wonderful team of motivated, professional stylist.

The thing that makes for a good hairstylist is one that continues their personal endeavor of growth through education. Some people become stagnant and unmotivated whereas education has always been the most important thing to me as a hairstylist! As my friend and mentor put it the other day to me "You have a life. It's just a new chapter of growth"...   So cheers to freedom!! Christina Sanchez Hair Design  Follow me on Facebook & Twitter for upcoming promotions, daily offers, updates and events!

Life for me in the last year has been about change and growth! I will return tomorrow evening inspired and motivated as I will attend the Cristiano Cora (Davines Visionary Artist) show of his "Velocity Collection" and excited about the post show private party!


  1. Change is good, your right, scary yes, but life is scary and experience is the key to success

  2. Thanks.... but i am totally stoked now! my new place of employment is AWESOME!


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