Sunday, January 2, 2011

Adieu 2010 and resolutions!

It's a New Year and people are making those New Year resolutions whereas I haven't. I  don't believe in them. I have seen people make outlandish goals. Setting goals and telling everyone about their New Year resolution  as so if this would impress people or perhaps just be a verbal confirmation of what they just set out to do.  I have heard them all and I have been guilty of making them myself in the past years.  I have heard people utter resolutions like...

"shop less"
"drink less alcohol"
"more time with family"
"work out more"
"getting rid of clutter"
"become more organized"
"read more books" etc, etc, etc..

I am not knocking those who have New Year resolutions. I figure why wait for a new year to start changing things.  Setting goals just in general is what I like to do.  2010 brought lots of positive things as well as some bumps along the way but c'est la vie. 2010 was a year of change and growth  for me. So to start the new year right I was going to do New Years eve right. Though I went to some parties I didn't want to be out and about driving. Feeling beat from a busy holiday season at the salon I wanted to be mellow. This was the first New Years that I rang in pretty much sober with friends and wanting to go home and  crawl in bed.  We did the champagne toast but I was thinking of SLEEP! I had bigger plans for New Years day.

This year to kick it off on a good note (waking sans a hangover)  I organized an "New Year Anti-Hangover" bike ride. Why ring in the new year feeling shitty and sick from a hangover.  A group of friends met up for a ride around the Back Bay borderline Costa Mesa and Newport Beach. We actually took a different route which was a little longer but fun to ride down near the UCI campus where we rang in the new year with protein style burgers from In-N-Out.  It was my first time ever trying one of those burgers and the first time in a long time that I ate red meat.  Total miles rode with the group was 15 I rode a little more after our ride...

Happy 2011 everyone! I still can't believe how 2010 just flew by.

Our New Year's Anti-Hangover ride with friends. I took the pic

Around the Back Bay

who needs a hangover.

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