Monday, January 3, 2011

Art Crawl Experience (A.C.E) and Indie Arts & Crafts show.

At yesterday's closing art reception for the Unicornucopia show at Rothick Art Haus I unexpectedly was proposed by the owner and artist Kelly Castillo of Rothick Art Haus with the idea of organizing and being a vendor for the upcoming Art Crawl Experience (A.C.E) in the Downtown Anaheim Arts District. A.C.E is a collective of galleries, artist and the museum in downtown The Muzeo who open the promenade area of downtown on a quarterly basis. It is a wonderful thing when the community gets together to do promote the arts. I am real excited to take part of this event. Mark your calendars though it is a little more than a month away. February 12, 2011 from 6pm till 10pm. More info to follow.

I left the closing reception soon after walking the space where we will be having the indie arts and crafts portion of the Art Crawl Experience with Kelly and my friend Glenn. I came home to only work on creating a vendor event invite page via Facebook, began to email all of my vendor contacts and friends about the event. Thus far I now have a small collective of handmade artist and vintage clothing vendors to participate in the event. I am currently seeking more vendors to participate in our event.

Here is what I am looking for: Stationary, clothing and accessories, plush toys, couture for our four legged friends, housewares, jewelry, artwork, ceramics, photography and gourmet edibles. If you are a handmade vendor and or artist and interested in being part of A.C.E please contact me at Deadline is 01.15.2011 booth rental is ONLY $20. No joke I am not yanking your chain!

Here is a peak in some of our vendors that will be participating in the event.
Melissa Loschy
Melissa Loschy

Whimsy & Ink

Whimsy & Ink

handmade crocheted accessories by Molly Made

custom stationary and art by Aileen Holmes

vintage lovers will dig Stuck On Vintage
Stuck On Vintage

handmade upcycled vintage jewelry. Le Modern Trinket
Le Modern Trinket
Le ModernTrinket

Avant-garde fashion by Jami Larin
clothing by Jami Larin
Michelle Rose
handmade couture by Michelle Rose
i absolutely love love love J.Holden Designs unique pieces.

J.Holden Designs.

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