Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010 Salt Lake City, UT.

I came out to SLC Utah to visit some of my family who moved out to SLC some six years ago or so. Expecting a white Christmas because I was told that it had snowed I was a little bummed that the only snow I saw was the lumps of old snow on the ground aside of the beautiful mountains that were covered with blankets of snow.

Here are just a few pics of my vakay. Some highlights have been being around family meeting new additions to our family and the cold. My brother whom I have not seen in years had a little girl who is now 19 months old. It's rare that girls are born in the Sanchez family for there are more boys than girls. So, it's been so nice to meet little Faith Ann. I want to take her home with me. Spending Christmas with the familia Sanchez and Barranco's means amazing food such as tamales, homemade tortillas, pozole, homemade chili and dancing.  I will be updating my blog with more pics as I go of my vakay and I will add more once I return home and plug in my memory card.

Ready for the cold.

I asked my aunt and uncle to take me to the Red Iguana. Made famous on Guy Feiri's show Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. This place dishes out seven different types of mole!  Watch the episode on Youtube.
Our meal and a mimosa is always in order no matter how cold the weather is! I ordered the Mole Negro. Amazing mole.

A view from inside the Joseph Smith observation room of the Mormon temple. You don't have to be Mormon to enter the Joseph Smith building.

The outside of the gated up no entrance allowed Mormon temple.

A beautiful walk up to the State Capitol of Utah. This neighborhood exuded old charm.

The Capitol.

A view from within the state capitol.

In front of the visitor station.

The state liquor store. We had to drive out here for champagne and rum.

An easy yet delicious recipe perfect for the cold weather that my friend Melissa Loschy taught me to make this week at her gingerbread making house party. Apple cider and spiced rum. It's easy and yummy.

It wouldn't be Christmas without pozole or tamales.

My beautiful nephew and cousin Johnny.

My brother whom I haven't seen in years.

I was given this.. Not my cup of tea.

Nephews and I on a coffee run on Christmas morn.                                            
Met my beautiful niece Faith Ann. Everyone says she is my doppelgänger of when I was a baby.

Faith Ann.. Love this girl.

Found this spot on Yelp. My cousin and I came here for brunch. The Park Cafe is in an old neighborhood with charming homes such as craftsman style homes. The Park Cafe is nestled amongst other homes and was once a home itself that has since been converted into a restaurant yielding amazing food. And they had

Stoked to be in snow. First time ever that I have seen snow fall! 

Girls day post Christmas shopping at the Gateway outdoor mall. Similar to Fashion Island in Newport Beach, CA.  12.26.2010

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