Thursday, December 23, 2010

Upcycled swag book lamps.

Meet  Alanna Lowe,  the crafty wizard behind the upcycling of vintage book lamps. I have never seen anything like this before. It's  a new take on the swag lamp. Alanna and I met while vending next to each other at the Tim Rusmisel Gallery show in San Juan Capistrano. Not only does she make these rad lamps but she also paints and does photography using 120 film and on the side does hair and makeup for special events. Alanna started making book lamps several years ago just as a way to create something unique and give as gifts to family and friends.  Not wanting to give a typical boring run of the mill Christmas gift she landed herself with swag book lamps that everyone loved.

She has an Etsy shop which you can get one now or you can commission a book lamp. Just a little info size does matter. The book cannot be any thinner that 1 inch. The wider the better. If the book is 10-12 inches tall it makes for more beautiful folds hence there is more to work with. I fell in love with her book lamps and  have since commisioned one to be made for my new bedroom using old vintage art books and books by my favorite French author Francoise Sagan.  Can't wait to replace the vintage swag lamp I have in my room now for one of Alanna's vintage pieces!

the electrical in which is wrapped in twine.

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