Saturday, December 18, 2010

Badly Drawn Boy getting pissed.

So, apparently the video I uploaded to Youtube from Thursday nights Badly Drawn Boy show has been picked up and is used in some reviews of the show on the Billboard and LA Weekly website. Honestly, I am a fan of BDB regardless of his freak out. I get it. I actually was annoyed as well by the non stop chatter of the crowd and especially the little lovebirds that were making out while he played.

So, with sound issues Damon Gough was upset. I get it. When something is not working right and you need it to in order to do your job then understandably one would be livid. I would be. People began updating their Facebooks and Tweeting about the show in real time. I felt bad for him yet annoyed that after each song he would complain about the sound and just was in a bad mood. I have been a fan since "The Hour of Bewilderbeast." I've bought ever album vinyl and CD and iTunes.. Im a fan. When he started playing "I saw you walk away" he talked about writing the song when he and his girlfriend were in the shits and about to split. It's obvious he is a gentle compassionate man. I summed it up to being emotional.  Fans of BDB were all bummed as was I.  We left the show at the start of "Too Many Miracles" from his new album "It's What I'm Thinking". I didn't want to hear anymore of the crowd ranting nor Damon getting upset. Still a rather depressing show.

I get it. We have all had bad days.... I'm still a fan...

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  1. ha! I've seen him a bunch of times & unfortunately I've seen him have fits like this more often than not. The first time I saw him for Hour of Bewilderbeast he was incredible. Sweet, charming, etc. Then every time since then he's been a little bastard. I still love his music though.


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