Thursday, November 11, 2010

Shears rings!!! Love Etsy!

I swore that I would never be the typical hairdresser to get a tattoo of shears, razor, blow-dryer or clippers. I love absolutely L-O-V-E my profession and I am passionate about it. But, I can't get down with the getting a shears tatt.. I don't know maybe if it was vintage shears that was not obviously out there as a statement that says "hairdresser" then I would have to think about it.. But, thus far I prefer to cover myself in art and quotes from Neruda and Van Gogh. Recent one being a quote from a letter written by Vincent Van Gogh to his brother Theo.  "people are like brushes - the ones that look the best do not work the best" 

Point of this entry was to show a rad ring that my fellow craft maker friend Lisa of "Whimsy and Ink" sent me. She saw a ring on Etsy of shears. Knowing I am a hairstylist she thought of me and sent it.. So here I want to share what Lisa found.. It's very similar to what my friend Melissa Loschy made me. I may not rock a "hairstylist" tools as tatts but I will as jewelry!  

shears ring my friend Lisa found on Etsy by BrillianceFound

my shears ring by Melissa Loschy Designs

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