Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Vintage in Old Towne Orange!

Yesterday I had the chance to check out Elsewhere Vintage's space. It has been a total of three spots now that they have moved to and it has seriously been within a corner. Happy to say that I have seen all three. Their former spot which is on the corner of Chapman and Olive in Old Towne Orange is now their brother vintage shop for the men called Joyride Vintage. I LOVE the decor in Joyride as I do of Elsewhere Vintage. The owner Kristine is a nice chick who knows her stuff when it comes to vintage items. I had messaged her the day before asking her about pumps and some other accessories I needed. Kristine not only carries vintage but she also carries handmade as well. I ended up buying a headband by Lexi Rox. An amazing little thing made of felt which I love felt.. Other local handmade artist that I saw in her shop was Chantal deFelice who's jewelry I love. Little sketched pieces on wood blocks.

 Elsewhere Vintage also has a good selection on Etsy. More of her higher end specialty vintage can be found on Etsy.  The area that Elsewhere Vintage is a throwback to the olden days and charming. Tons of antique malls in this area as well. One can seriously spend half a day perusing each massive mall. One complaint that I along with many have had was the lack of vintage clothing shops in Old Towne Orange. I mean the cute antique malls is cute but there wasn't enough vintage clothing shops. Alas Kristine and her husband opened up shop and now they have two locations. We were talking about her amazing brick wall that they uncovered while remodeling their newest space. I love it. It has an industrial modern feel to it. It's amazing! Joyride Vintage is amazing.. I popped in there looking for a denim jacket. Total 1930's-40's classic vibe sans the rockabilly feel to it. Kristine's husband is also rad. He knows his vintage too They are a cute couple.

handmade felt headband by Lexi Rox.

The rad dress from EV Etsy shop.

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