Saturday, October 16, 2010

Zombie Felties at The Road Less Traveled.

Friday night I met up with my friends and other crafting enthusiast for the Zombie Felties Book Review/Crafting party at The Road Less Traveled. We were making zombies out of felt using patterns from the Zombie Felties book. I ended up making the "Thrilla" Michael Jackson feltie. We reviewed the book Zombie Felties "How To Raise 16 Gruesome Felt Creatures from the Undead". This was my first ever zombie project EVER. I got there after 7. The event started at 5pm so people had a start ahead of me.. My Michael Jackson zombie was sadly enough not so Thrilla. In fact in looked like Robert Smith with a bob... So we shall call it Lullaby now. 

Others there was Stephanie from Hearts and Laserbeams of Long Beach Craft Mafia, who brought here awesome newborn baby boy Phil.. The most chill baby I have ever met. Delilah of course of The Road Less Traveled and one of the founders of the Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival and Aileen Holmes and tons others who had rad felting crafts abilities. Best one was the penis felties...  

The book is pretty simple to follow.. It does have tons of steps in which if you have ADD you may get over quickly and give up.. 

Thanks Stephanie and Delilah for hosting the event.. 

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