Monday, September 27, 2010

Sans Frizz.. Brazilian Blowout is amazing!

before the Brazilian Blowout.

After the Brazilian Blowout treatment.
A happy client who used to suffer from frizz

If you are like myself are prone to frizzy unmanageable hair regardless of the texture straight or curly and have yet to hear about the Brazilian Blowout I highly recommend it. It's all over ever magazine and many of the celebrities are raving about this what some have coined as "life changing" smoothing hair treatment.  Nothing else is worse than having your locks expand in what seems to be a foot in diameter once your hair is exposed to the humidity, water etc. I have been victim to the "poodle fro" ever since I was in middle school. Years of unmanageable hair not to mention loathing my hair lead me to many different brands of thermal reconditioning services. In the end the four times that I  had the services done my hair was damaged. Two out of the four I had major breakage right down to the root.

The growing out process of thermal reconditioning is painstakingly long as well. Curly re-growth with lifeless stick straight ends. It was a very long and slow process of growing it out. When asked by my clients  if I would do a thermal reconditioning aka straightening service I decline. I feel that it is a very strong chemical that can possibly jeopardize the integrity of the hair. In fact the salon that I work at does not offer a thermal reconditioning service. Out of personal experience from having this service done on myself I would never want to have one of my clients go through what I did.

Those of us with curly hair have in the past only two options either accepting the curl or thermal reconditioning. Not anymore. I have been getting the Brazilian Blowout treatment on my hair now for well over a year. Obviously I am hooked for many reasons.

1) My hair is not left feeling hard nor does it look lifeless.
2) Smoothes frizz out 100%.
3) Hair looks healthy with incredible shine.
4) Cuts styling time in half. No need to flatiron as much.
5) Curls are a lot softer. I can wear it either straight or curly with out the "fro".
6) No damage.

The Brazilian Blowout is like a demi-permanent color. It will not break the hairs cross bonds leaving it permanently straight like thermal straighteners do. It smoothes out the curl so it is not as tight. Leaving those with curls the options to rock it curly or straight sans the frizz! It eliminates frizz for up to 10-12 weeks. More frequent shampooing of the hair will fade the treatment out a little faster opposed to those who may not wash the hair on an everyday basis. There is minimal aftercare maintenance. It's simple. Use a sulphate free shampoo. The Brazilian Blowout company does offer aftercare products. Their shampoo, conditioner and a masque.

I phoned up the company and spoke with a rep regarding what is the difference between using their aftercare line or by using a sulfate free product from another company. Their response was that their aftercare products use similar ingredients that are in the blowout solution in which you can get anywhere from 2 to 3 weeks more out of the service if you use their aftercare products. Well, I tried it. I wanted to see if what they say is in fact true. Prior to using the Brazilian Blowout aftercare products I was bouncing between Davines Love Smoothing (Lovely Smoothing) shampoo and conditioner and the Glorifying sulfate free shampoo.  I felt that the Brazilian Blowouts aftercare really didn't leave my hair feeling clean. In fact I went through the shampoo faster than the conditioner or the masque. I do however like the masque. It left my hair feeling very soft. Now do I get anywhere from 2-3 weeks more out of the service using their aftercare products? I have to say that I notice the the blowout to diminish after about 12 weeks. I feel that after several services I have a build up on the cuticle and I can get at least 16 weeks out of a Brazilian Blowout now. But, this is my personal opinion. I am not saying it will be the case for everyone. Keep in mind the more you wash the hair you are washing out the blowout.

 Davines just launched a  beautiful line called Authentic Formulas. It is a SLS, SLES, sulphates, added paraben, silicon, artificial coloring, PEG and ethoxylates free line that can be used on the face, body and hair. I have now replaced using the Brazilian Blowout aftercare shampoo with the Authentic Formulas Cleansing Nector.. Sulphate free so I am not worried about. In fact my hair feels clean after using it. Unlike the BB shampoo.

Now, I  would suggest that you do some research on the salon offering the Brazilian Blowout. There are many knock offs out there and I have gained new clients coming from other salons claiming to use the Brazilian Blowout treatment with damaged hair. With the Brazilian Blowout treatment there is NO waiting to wash the hair for a 72 hour period. The Brazilian Blowout treatment is washed out on the same day. No waiting period.  I would recommend that you look for a certified salon on the Brazilian Blowout website salon locator. Or if you are in the Orange County area you can come to Shanghai Salon. We are certified and trained stylist who perform the Brazilian Blowout.  

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