Thursday, September 23, 2010

Haunted San Antonio?

I'm leaving soon on a little holiday to San Antonio, Texas. I have been doing some research  looking for a boutique hotel, vintage shops, thrift shops, spots that I can get good food and no TEX-MEX stuff, speakeasy bars, dive bars etc.. Thus far I have found some but not much. I found a few interesting places one of which is the Hotel Menger supposedly haunted. I decided not to book a room here because the rooms just look too blah for me plus if it is truly haunted I do not want to be here alone experiencing nightly ghouls. I will for sure visit. The thing that attracted me most to this place was that Oscar Wilde stayed her while on his North American tour. If it was Wilde's ghost lurking and taunting guest then I would reconsider staying here. Who wouldn't want to be entertained by Oscar Wilde? I visited his grave while at the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris so being that I will be in the area that he once stayed in I figure might as well visit as well.. 

The Menger Hotel was built;t in 1859 some twenty-three years after the battle at the Alamo. It is said to be haunted by those that died at the battle at the Alamo and by the former President Teddy Roosevelt, a maid murdered by here jealous husband and some thirty other entities.  Though I will not be a hotel guest I will stop by and visit. The Menger bar actually looks pretty cool. The Menger Hotel is on the top of the list of "haunted" places in San Antonio, TX.  I found a site that has a list of haunted sightings in SA. If that's your thing and your going to San Antonio I guess you should check it out.

My quest for a  boutique hotel lead me to Hotel Havana which is also somewhere near the Menger and the Alamo and the Riverwalk... This place looks rad an thus far not ghost sightings..

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