Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Recap on Roots Roadhouse Festival

   The Chapin Sisters

I came down with the flu with my luck on the day of Roots Roadhouse which was held at the Echoplex/Echo on Saturday. I cut out and hour and a half early because I couldn't do it anymore. The six and a half hours that I was there I felt like hell. The event looked like fun but I was in misery. The venue was packed both inside and outside. Outside there was a  small outdoor stage as well as other vendor tables and food trucks. My head was in a fog. Loaded on daytime cold medicine was not helping much nor was the fact that the bar couldn't make a Hot Toddy.  I met a lot of rad people curious perusers all of which varied in ages and dug my up-cycled vintage trinkets.  One thing that I learned about being a vendor at an event like Roots Roadhouse is that ...

1) I need a credit card machine.
2) People are there more to party than to buy.
3) Keep the drunk girls away from my easels which holds my frames with my jewelry on it. 

Alas... Doing shows when sick is no fun... I was next to my friends of Stuck On Vintage which is always fun. We gazed from our area onto the main stage and watched a few bands play. One band Frontier Ruckus was one that we watched for a little.  They were good.. Reminded me a little of Wilco but not with a Jeff Tweedy voice but that of Bright Eyes which I am not a fan of. I love sad bastard music just not Bright Eyes. Anyhoo....  My friend watched over my booth as my friend Letizia and I roamed the outside. We watched a band for a bit whom I wish I could of watched more called Amanda Jo Williams. A bit like Joanna Newsom with sans the harp.  Red Simpson played a set and I at that point was about ready to pass out... I packed up right in the middle of The Chapin Sisters set. Thank you once again to Kim Grant for putting on a successful event! Saw many familiar faces and thank you to friends and LMT fans that came out! This was my last show for the summer season. Gearing up for fall/winter shows and focusing now more on listing more on Etsy and getting my trinkets into boutiques!

      Amanda Jo Williams

Thank you to Earl Reinhalter for allowing me to use his photos for my blog! 

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