Saturday, July 17, 2010

Cleansing and dieting!

About ten days ago I sat in my doctors office in pain. I have a hx of diverticulosis which by this time had turned into diverticulitis. Im too young to have this and every Doctor that I had seen was simply saying it was GERD and misdiagnosing me. So, with that I have many experiences with this and with any cleanses I did in the past including colonics where not as effective. Nor was the medicine really working for me. So, I sat in his office where I am given a prescription and told that I need to go the ER for testing. Like an ultrasound of the abdomen. cat scan and lab work.  I didn't go. I went back to work and took this medicine he gave me hoping it would help. This is when the 5 Day Reset  Usana diet plan comes into play.  Aside form wanting to loose ten pounds I also wanted a cleanse. Just flush out that crap inside really cleaning me out. When I  heard of the actual success of others on this diet I wanted to try it. It's said that one can loose from 0-12 pounds in these five days.  Last Monday I started this Reset diet. I weighed myself right before and fully committed to doing this. I watched the dvd and got rid of the high glycemic junk in my pantry and fridge and replaced it with a five day supply of fruits and veggies. 

When you go from eating meals to replacing a meal with a shake it is a little hard. But, the video says that if your hungry eat. Have a snack bar that comes in your kit or have a portion that is in the recommended list of fruits and veggies. Day three I weighed myself and I was 7 pounds lighter. I couldn't beilive it. Still can't. So this only motivated me to do even better.  When doing research on high-glycemic foods I really started to change my approach to food. I vowed to never eat fast food again (with the exceptions of a grilled cheese from IN N OUT) . I read others blogs and even talked to a girlfriend of mine who lost 16 pounds in 7 days. I was only encouraged to change what I was eating. In just a few days my stomach pains when away. I stopped taking the medication the doctor had prescribed as well as any vitamins I was taking prior. I took the AM Pack and PM Pack that comes included in the 5 Day Reset plan. I rode my bike to work a few times and bought some new exercising  stuff. Like that Shake Weight which by the way works.. My arms are sore as well as a jump rope and hula hoop and a pedometer. It's recommended to walk at least 10,000 steps daily along with moderate exercise.  I had my ups and downs. But for the most part these shakes are filling. I would add a little fruit and ice and blend it so that it would be more filling. In the evenings I would look forward to my "reward" serving of veggies. I followed the portion indicated of a veggie and I would either steam or cook them in a pan. I would add some seasoning like cayenne pepper and pepper to it as well. I cut out drinking as well. No Calimocho's or glasses of wine for me. I became a recluse. Not really going out.  Yesterday was the final day of the Reset diet plan and this morning  when I weighed myself I was at a total weight loss of 10 pounds. I have been raving about this diet to all of my clients. I love it.  Not only because it helped shed those pounds but I feel healthier and my issues with the diverticulitis are gone. I will always have it but the pains are gone. I have no issues with my stomach at all. The cost of this was $120 well worth  it to me! 

It's recommended to have a "buddy" on the diet with you for support.. I can see how it can help but you don't need it. I did it alone and never felt like I needed that buddy system support. So, there is a "Transform" Phase which I plan on doing. Where you still replace two meals with shakes. I ordered the shakes on Tuesday I hope they get here ASAP. Till then I printed out a list from the Rest Usana low glycemic foods and will stick to that. I prepared my lunch for today last night and tonight I will be meeting friends for a celebratory dinner of Shabu Shabu skipping on the peanut sauce, white rice and ponzu. 

I am still not done loosing weight. Im not a fat ass I just wanted to shed some pounds but I plan on at least 5-10 more pounds. 
What were my keys to sticking to the diet. 
  1. Avoiding watching the food network
  2. Prepare your meals the night before
  3. Get rid of the junk in your fridge so that you are not tempted.
  4. Get a prediomoter and use it! 
  5. Research more on high glycemic food and see just how bad they were for me. 
  6.  Plan to do the diet when you don't have some big function to go to. Who wants to go to a dinner party and sit   there with your blender cup drinking a shake for dinner?
Also don't give yourself some insane number of pounds to loose. It's great to have great expectations but honestly be realistic. Here  is a list of foods that are the right ones to eat when following a low glycemic diet

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