Thursday, July 22, 2010

Another favorite of mine.

Last Saturday (July 17th) I went to the Aaron Kraten solo art show "We Live In Public" at the Box Gallery in Costa Mesa.  I had to stop by to see the homemade cookies done by Candice Brown of Lush Pastries. I constantly see her updates on Facebook of her little creations and alas I would take a bite. These cookies were rad that she made for the show. They were stencils of Aaron Kratens famously known faceless people. This faceless person sans the body could just remain as an ambiguous person.. Boy or girl. 

 I chatted a little more with Candice about her background. She is this cute curly haired girl always smiling super friendly who until recently I discovered that she went to the culinary school of baking and pastry at the Art Institute of California. Graduated in June 2008 she has already started her little business called "Lush Pastries".  She has done tons of private parties, catering events, art walk in Downtown Santa Ana,  and has done cookies in the past for art galleries such as the Box.  I told her about my friend Linzy of Sugar Cookie Couture who does well on Etsy. Though I wish Sugar Cookie Couture would open a store front because her cookies are just that amazing she remains doing similar things as Lush Pastries private parties, art shows, weddings etc. I have been telling Candice of LP to start on Etsy. 

So the next big plans for this young pastry chief is to expand her small business onto Etsy and trying to get into restaurants. I think she would kill it if she would get a booth at a craft fair like those such as Patchwork, Handmade Brigade and Renegade etc etc.

                        handmade cookies by Lush Pastries 

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