Friday, July 23, 2010

Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles

The second annul Renegade Craft Fair  will go down tomorrow July 24-25 in LA  from 11-7pm at the Los Angeles Historic Park. If you missed Patchwork or Handmade Brigades most recent "Block Party Indie Craft Show" then make a trip out to LA for this craft fair yielding more than 250 vendors.  LMT will not be a vendor at this show but I will head out as soon as I am done at work on Saturday to peruse and spend as well as check out my friends booths. Check out local artist Michael White's booth which he will be going under the name "Fab-ri-cate"  who will be splitting a booth with Chicken Mouse" where he will have a variety of pens, wallets, handbags, jewelry, art & the premiere of Vending Art Company. He will be in booth #116 check out his Etsy page "here"... More to look for is the ladies of the Long Beach Craft Mafia. Kelso Doesnt Dance, Lerf Ewe and Little Bit will be sharring a booth as well.  

                                              Pen by "Fab-ri-cate"


  1. Thanks for the plug!!! It was a great time. Tiring, but fun.

  2. your welcome.. just noticed.. why is my bloody font so small...


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