Friday, June 18, 2010

Busy working...

Been busy getting ready for three upcoming shows within a two weeks period of time. Le Modern Trinket has been added on to the upcoming Unseen Beauty Art Show (flyer and event page to follow) on July 3rd at Gallery 212 and Studio. It will be a sweet return to Gallery 212. For that was the first gallery that LMT showed in back in March for The Modern Tchotchkes show. Don't get the idea that the Unseen Beauty show is an indie craft show. It will be an art show featuring the works of Cody "Mustachio" Lusby, Ryan Clemens, Industry_Giant and more then me (LMT).. My goal is to make my booth more of an art installation...  LMT also has been added to the Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts show in Long Beach June 27th! This Saturday night June 19th from 7pm-11pm LMT will be in the display case at Rothick Art Haus for their group show MAOI Anti-depressing Art Show.  Please come..

Here are just a few of my trinkets that I have been busy away in my trinket studio making for all the upcoming shows! So, Exciting and like my friend said.. "do you ever sleep"? I seriously agree with him.. Do I?

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