Thursday, June 17, 2010

Art Shack at the Laguna Art Museum going on now till 10.03.2010

I avoid heading down to south Orange County like hell and because of that I have also never been to the Laguna Art Museum. I knew that they have had good exhibits in the past but the thought of summer traffic and people on holiday and parking always kept me at bay.. Last Saturday night we went to the opening reception for Art Shack..  The show was completely packed. With every art enthusiast and curious minds perusing the exhibit. I highly suggest that one visit. I promise you will not find some lame art up as that that is common of the Laguna Art Walk. There will be no site of a Wyland paintings nor a Kinkade... This show ranks highly up there with the best shows that I have been to in the past. It was not the free bar till seven (after that you had to buy tickets)  nor the photo booth that made it great. It was the installations and the contributing artist not to mention that the artist were there as well. Mark Ryden was one of the artist that had a piece there. He did a collab with his wife Marion Peck called "Sweet Wishes Theater".   Another great piece was the Elizabeth  McGrath  piece called "The Folly of Saint Hubertus". An installation made of  resin, fiberglass and lucite (some of my favorite materials) and the "folly" was covered in Swarovski crystals  and 24K gold leafs were used as well.   The Jason Maloney piece (resident Hurley artist) was also also rad "Amber Alert"...

Three levels of art. It was worth the traffic in Laguna for sure. Another highlight.. Thanks to Jason Maloney I met Mark Ryden, Elizabeth McGrath and the CEO of Juxtapoz Magazine.. I felt like a kid in a candy store..

The show runs till October 3rd, 2010. It is a great show to take the family too. July 18th the Laguna Art Museum will be having a "Build Your Own Art Shack" workshop with the resident Hurley artist and Art Shack artist Jason Maloney for kids from K-8....

Elizabeth McGrath

Jason Maloney

the Clayton Brothers

Mark Ryden and Marion Peck collab

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