Friday, May 7, 2010

Tracking a garage sale.

Recently I reciveed and email asking if I would take a look at a website and review it. WOW, awesome someone from the world wide web who doent know me found my blog and wants me to write!! I am very easily excited I guess. The website is . The name itself explains what the site is without going to the site. YES, a site that locates not only garage sales in your area but also locates consignment shops and flea markets. Not only that but you can post your garage sale on this site for FREE! Yet another alternative to posting on Craigslist and Penny-saver.  Garage Sale Tracker also has an app for the iPhone. Anyone seeking out flea markets, thrifts shops,  consignment shops and yard sales in any area can use this new free app to help track down these gems.  So, I began to play with both the website and the app on my rad little iPhone.

I tried finding flea markets in the Los Angeles and Long Beach. Popular flea markets that should be common knowledge if you are an avid antique/vintage shopper. The funny thing was that the Rose Bowl, Melrose Trading Post, Pasadena City College flea market,  Long Beach were not listed. In fact little discount stores that I have no clue to as what they are were listed. Seriously, one was "Maricela's Discount" I have never heard of this store nor does it sound like a flea market. Even a better one would be "Dollar Zone" Seriously? I know that this for sure is not a flea market  and if I was on a tour of antique and or vintage shopping which I do at times and had I relayed on this website or the iPhone app I would be a little annoyed if I came to these locations listed. I emailed the person back who asked me to write about the site with a  few questions.. I wanted to be fair and write a good review so I wanted to clear up a few things before I just wrote about my first impression.  I asked where they pulled their information from to list the consignment and thrift shops along with the flea markets. The reply back was exactly what I assumed. They paid a service to give them listings something like a "yellow pages" site. 

The idea and concept of this site and the new iPhone app is great. Especially to when it comes to listing and finding garage sales. Not so much for flea markets and consignment shops. One thing that I thought was odd was that in order to list a garage sale the seller must publicly list their phone number. Now, what worse that annoying phone calls. It's like listing you garage sale to start at 7am and people start showing up at 6:15 while you are busy trying to set up. So, the listing of the phone thing should be optional and not mandatory. Perhaps they will change it so. I would say listing an email would be better.

Anyhoot that is my two cents on this new site!!

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