Thursday, May 6, 2010


So while going through a bin of old photo's looking for that one vintage photograph that I could use in a new piece. I in turn ended up reading the backs of the photo's, old love notes and more. For example a old leather bond sachet with old photos in the little pockets that date back to the late 1800's. Along with a note dated in 1881. Now, is it truly a note written in 1811 or was it someone who wrote the note referring to the pocket book in which the pocket book was from 1811. Who knows but I am curiously seeking someone who could date the note just based on the condition and what not.  Within this pile pof photo's I came across a freighting photo of a young family. Two of the three children looked a tad evil. So, how fitting to cut out the  face of one of the scary looking kids. The one that sends shivers up my spine just looking at his spellbound face and use it in a next piece.. So, here he is.. I call this piece "Anton's Castle" Now, I took out the parts of an old pocket watch and replaced it with the photo of the child. I will be adding a chain to it and it will be up for sale at the upcoming Graffiti Beach Indie Lux Pop-Up show that I will be splitting a booth with my friend Gina of Gina Will Cut you on Etsy. She makes rad clip in hair pieces that are hand painted. I am the trinket maker..

The little recipe for Love Cake was rad.... Who wouldn't want 12 Loving Kisses and being baked in a mans arms... Sounds lovely. I love finding old things. Especially photographs. So, I just wanted to share a little bit tonight what Le Modern Trinket has been up to lately...

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  1. Hey nice job on the cards for your post earrings ;) hee hee


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