Saturday, May 8, 2010

Today is show day! Graffiti Beach in Long Beach!

The day of final completion has arrived. For a month now I have worked hard at creating more new pieces, gathering different props for my booth. Pulled out an old vintage easel and brought it back to life again and at the last minute (last night) having Big Bob from Home Depot help me choose the right type/size of wood for my table for my booth. Let me elaborate on Big Bob, this dude is patient. I was indecisive as to what size of wood I should have for my display, either or not to get the saw horses made of wood at Home Depot or just keep the ones that I talked a dealer at the Rose Bowl flea market to sell me last month. So, thank you Big Bob. His name is rad too.

Today is the day of the big Graffiti Beach Indie-Lux pop up show that I have been busy away isolating myself in the studio living a non existent social life. It will be one long crazy day. I have to run in to the salon for a client and then I am dashing off to Long Beach for the event.  Thank god for my friend Gina who we have been spending time together collaborating on new pieces for yet another upcoming show on June 6th Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival. Check out her Etsy and her blog. So peeps if you can make it out today come to the Graffiti Beach show at Hotel Maya in Long Beach. Gina (Gina Will Cut You) and I are splitting a booth. She will be showcasing her unique handmade, dyed and painted clip in extensions as I will be showing new pieces. Some of which are a little morbid and dismal to some Mourning Hair Art. A dated brooch that I have turned into a pendant with the engraved initials of whoever died along with the year of 1847 written on it. We will also be offering free fringe trims (aka bangs but I personally think the word bang sounds crass).. See you out there! Happy Mothers Day!!

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  1. Good luck to you and Gina!! Wish I could make it out to the show today :( Have fun!


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