Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dressing up my booth gift.

A little good luck token from Ryan Clemens that I was given for my booth for the shows that I do. Somethig to dress up my booth in which when closely looked at is a collage taken from some vintage magazines that he had asked me to pick a pile out and give to him. I didn't know what he was going to do or come up with. I found in my book collection a post WWI Sears catalog with tons of images that sort of make up what I am inspired by when it comes to my trinket making.  So, thank you Ryan I love my new piece.  Ryan is a artist out of Orange County. It is not his day job but it is what he loves and he does on the side. He will be having a solo show on  May 15 at the  Curbside Gallery in Santa Ana. If you look closely at the collage you will see the painted pipe.  The pipe represents a pair of pipe earrings that  I made in which I drew the inspiration from the surrielest artist Rene Magritte's  painting "A Trahison des Images" (The Treachery of Images). You know that painting witht he pipe and underneath the pipe is written "Ceci n'est pas une pipe". So, when I came across these pipes I instantly thought of Rene Magritte. I named them "Magritte" .... 

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