Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday's mean no rest.

I was up early and out for the Rose Bowl yesterday. I found some good stuff for some more trinket making. I also talked some vendors into selling me their "feet" stands kinda like saw horses except not as sturdy and not as short either. I needed some for the next show that I am in next month. I found this awesome huge storage wooden box that holds a vintage movie titler made by the Swedish (circa 50's) company called Bolex. So if anyone wants the contents I will sell it. I just want the case for my display for the shows that I am in.

My friends from Stuck On Vintage also had a space at the Rose Bowl so I also perused and shopped with them. I found tons of quarky things for my trinket making. I will be making some brooches and more necklaces as well. In the evening I ran to help my friends Stuck On Vintage set up and sell at the Handmade Brigade's Speakeasy at he Detroit Bar in Costa Mesa. We were neighbors with my FB friend who we officially met last night. Tracie of "Late to the Revolution". She makes the raddest earphone covers and earrings. "Crocheting" I ended up buying one because they are just so freaking rad... Check her store out on Etsy. I also met again Melissa Loschy again who is one of the HMB girls who remembered me from their last event at the Camp back in December. Super sweet girl with amazing jewelry..

The show was fun.. We were just exhausted from a busy long day. Tearing shit down from a show is a lot of work. Thank god Stephanie and I had her brother there to help us tear it down.


  1. A show together sounds great! I hope you love your earphones!

  2. LOVE THEM..... Wore this this morning! They are also good to keep the ears warm!! ;)


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