Monday, April 12, 2010

Change of the branding/logo

I tried to get the boyfriend to come out with me to go to the Rose Bowl Flea Market but he wanted to work on the new logo that I wanted to change for my site, flyer's and business cards. Plus I nearly prefer to be alone when I go to a flea market. I get in a zone and I feel bad for who ever is with me. I go into hunt mode and that may be rude to whoever is with me unless they too are in a hunt mode.. So here is a little peak.. He designed my logo and I am totally stoked on it!

If you missed the Rebornz Room & Board show at Rothick Art Haus you can still get a chance to see it. It is up for a month. You just may want to phone the gallery. The bf had four decks in on the show and was one of over 30 artist showing.. Check his stuff out Ryan Clemens
~Christina S (Le Modern Trinket)

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