Sunday, April 11, 2010

Rose Bowl Flea Market, Speakeasy II, Ocean Defenders Alliance..

Second Sunday of the month means Rose Bowl Flea Market again... I am off to hunt for more things to utilize in my trinket making!! Today is also the Handmade Brigade Speakeasy II at the Detroit Bar in Costa  Mesa.. I will be there helping my girlfriends who will be vendors. Swing  by and check out their vintage clothing set up. They have an Etsy store and go by Stuck On Vintage. Another rad thing going on tonight in Long Beach at the Aquarium of the Pacific is the Benefit show for the Ocean Defenders Alliance. A fundraiser event with proceeds going to ODA.. Guest speakers will be Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd and the pilot of the helicopter Chris Aultman (WHALE WARS)  who I have a crush on.. Met him at the Sea No Evil art show last summer and found out just how tiny this guy is. I mean he is short. I met Captain Paul Watson  as well who is not so much of a social person. This event happens tonight and I would love to go but I am doing the Handmade Brigade event...  Happy Sunday!!

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