Friday, April 2, 2010

Oh anemia.. How I loathe thee.

Recently I found out that I was anemic.. May explain why I have been so lethargic lately and for all the bruising without any cause. In fact I couldn't wear short sleeve's nor dresses that were mid-thigh for a couple of weeks because of gnarly bruising. It look like I was a victim of domestic violence. I would merely bump into something and I would have a bruise that would not only linger but get bigger. Anyhoo I went to the doctor had some labs drawn and was latter told that my platelets and hemoglobin was low. I was told to take iron and eat beef and more foods rich in iron.. Well, I am not going to do beef nor am I a fan of iron supplements.. They constipate you..

I went to Mothers Market looking for supplements and other vitamins to get me feeling better. I asked for some help and was told that I should take Floradix. It is rich in iron and B Vitamins as well as herbs. Blah blah blah.. The selling point was the "no constipation" part that I read on the box. So, I bought it. Along with other vitamins.. I am going to follow the directions take all of these vitamins and return for my follow up lab draw in a month. I am hoping this will help my hgb and platelets rise as well as more energy... March was a busy month for me. Prepping for my first art show, working full time and making jewelry, hunting for materials etc etc.. You know life. I love being busy and I wouldn't have it any other way. So. April.. April too will be a month of non stop work. I accepted the invitation to be part of the Graffiti Beach Indie Pop Up art event in May so that means more late nights of making jewelry and early Sunday mornings at flea markets and swap meets looking for more materials. I also am doing some photo shoots with a friend on my days off as well as going away for more Davines Trainer's Training in April which will consume me for it will be three days of training and hands on!!

I hope these vitamins work... I hope to have the energy of Carrot Top and Super Woman combined. The Doctor did say I need more rest.. Waking at 6:30 working on line then going to the salon for anywhere from 8-10 hours then coming home to work on my jewelry till 2am is not healthy.. I need more sleep.. Here the experiment goes..

~Christina S. (Le Modern Trinket)

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  1. Thanks for the heads-up on the Floradix from Mother's Market. Wish I had thought of that. I, too, am anemic but I'm taking supplements. Hate it. Anemia sucks.


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