Thursday, April 1, 2010

Another show..

A little into the world of moi.. My mother recently stopped by my place to find me working away and laughed when she saw that I was wearing one of those funny looking headband flash light things. Well, I need more light and I am working with small jump rings and tiny little loops so I need more light.. Anyhoot.. I am wanted to post some pics of some stuff that I have made many have sold. However my website is still under construction so I can't post an album like I do with my Facebook account.. So anyhoot here is just a little of what I have done.. Tonight I began working on a commissioned piece of some sheep that I have that someone liked and asked if I could make them a pair. So, I sat painting the white sheep black waiting for the paint to dry while linking new pieces together. So much fun... Pics to follow..

More good news.  I was approached today by the owner/founder of Graffiti Beach about participating in an upcoming Show on May 8th at the Maya Hotel in Long Beach.... She saw my blog and thought that I may do well at her event. Which is a Pop-Up store.. We talked a bit about the show and she told me what her goal was.. In short there will be some crafty people there selling.. Think like a Handmade Brigade or a Patchwork art festival.. So if you are crafty and are interested I suggest checking it out. I sent out a mass email to my friends who may participate! It will be another busy month.... Another show...

~Christina Sanchez. (LeModernTrinket)

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