Monday, April 5, 2010

Busy Sunday...

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So, I decided to create my own Le Modern Trinket Facebook page I am not even going ot start a Twitter account for LMT. I will continue to tweet off my personal one. Add me..   Anyhoo, Sunday was a busy day for us.. The boyfriend and I had lots of errands to run not paying any attention to the fact that it was Easter. I had to hit up the Cypress Swap Meet looking for specifics that I needed which basically are watch gears and vintage watch faces plus I am doing a small series of "Mothers Day" inspired vintage jewelery pieces for the Graffiti Beach Indie Lux Pop-Up show that I will be in on May 8th.. Right before Mother's day so I wanted to make some pieces for the madres..

My boyfriend had to run by Rothick Art Haus gallery to drop off some decks that he made for the upcoming "Rebornz Room and Board" show which will feauture  Ryan Clemens, Aaron Kraten, Cody "Mustachio" Lusby, Craig Skibs Barker, Aileen Holmes, Walt Hall, Jason Hernandez, Kelly Castillo and more... We got a little tour of the gallery and first look at the boards.. Total cool stuff. This will be a good show. Well, I was excited to of been asked if I would be interested in putting some of my jewelry in the display case at Rothick Art Haus.. So, excited! So, we are talking June... After that we had to run over to Gallery 212 to pick up some of my bf's art to switch out. Soon after we went to Beachwood BBQ to split those insane blue cheese grits and mushrooms and a few more appetizers. Something light because we had Easter dinner to go to at his family's home. Then the earthquake hit. I have never felt a roller just shakers and I felt dizzy. I thought for a second my chair was wobbly or that the half glass of Calimocho hit me... So... Yeah.. earthquakes scare the shit out of me... That was yesterday... errands and earthquakes.. Last night when I returned home I began to make a few more pieces.. I have to say I was ratehr disappointed on the lack of stuff I found at the swap meet... I found a few cool things lie a rosary and vintage barrette's that I will turn into a pendant for a necklace. More going's on for me.. I also began to clear my garage out. I NEED A STUDIO.. So. there I go..

I wish that there was more time in a day. I will also be helping pout my friends Stuck On Vintage at the upcoming SPEAKEASY II  brought to you by the ladies of the Handmade Brigade this Sunday at the Detroit Bar April 11th from 5-10.. So stop by peeps. My friends have awesome vintage clothing and accessories and are also on Etsy. I may have a few pieces of my stuff up if it is OK.. I was originally planning on being a vendor at the event but was asked to do a photo shoot which I have not heard anything more about so I am going to help my friends out who asked me.. Perhaps put some of my own stuff out.. Don't forget the upcoming Patchwork fest is coming too!!/LeModernTrinket?ref=profile

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