Saturday, April 24, 2010


  On my recent venture out to the Long Beach Antique Flea Market  I found myself rather disappointed. I was not really finding much that I wanted which mainly was more gears, mourning pins and mourning hair brooches. Some vendors were way over priced. However if you don't mind hanging through til the end you will obviously get better deals towards the end of the flea market. As one would because the vendors don't really want to lug all that crap back with them. So, this is the perfect time to find deals.. I did find myself with a bad sunburn. So, peeps don't forget about applying sunblock to your back.. I ended up latter meeting with my friends whom had never been to the LB flea market Cody "Mustachio" Lusby and his girl Linzy of Sugar Cookie Couture (best cookies ever) .... While they perused the aisles looking for furniture for their new home I was in search of more things. That feeling sucks when you feel "empty handed" I found a few pieces but nothing that I was extremely excited about.  This is my life.. Spending my Sundays at eitther swap meets, flea markets, thrift shops or estate sales. While everyone else sleeps in and goes out for brunch I am up early running around.. My idea of brunch these days is a bloody Diet Coke and an over priced pretzel!  I'm lucky to get brunch now.

I was telling my girlfriend that I never really even browse the vintage clothing as much anymore and I miss that. So. this trip around I made it a point to check out the aisle that has tons of clothing. I ended up finding a few pieces. The thing that really sucks is that "vintage" clothing never really fits perfect and if it does I consider myself lucky. Either shit is too tight on top and perfect every where else or its big every were else and perfect on top. DAMN IT... The curse of having boobs! Thank god for seamstress! I They have magic hands and I seem to always keep them in business. Now, I am excited about the grand opening of the Dodger Stadium Flea Market on July 18th!! Only thing is that it will take place on the third Sunday of every month.. Same Sunday as the Long Beach flea market..

I found a site called TodaysVintage and it has an events page with a full list of upcoming antique show and flea markets! Happy hunting!!

~Christina  (Le Modern Trinket)

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