Monday, April 26, 2010

Yard sales and cheap bastards!

Yard sales can be both fun and annoying. I recently had my very first yard sale on my own. I wanted to get rid of crap that I have had. Spring clean and de-clutter.  One dude in particular responded to my post on CL and asked if I had vintage men's clothing and what not. He ended up driving out from Cypress to pick up tons of vintage stuff that I had plus tons of old Moz concert t-shirts. Thank you to Moz man.. He helped clear out a lot. I also learned a few things. People like to start hitting the yard sales at a very ungodly hour (6:15) . We had just begun setting up. I also learned that I am NOT a morning person. In fact I am a bitch before 8AM. I was a little annoyed that they were asking questions and we had just started. I asked them to come back at 7 like my post said when the sale would start. Seriously, I was not a happy camper at 6AM knowing I had to run in for a full day of clients at work then come home to make more trinkets and prep for Davines training for four days. I was a little stressed. 

In then end I did a total of $611 in two days! I had to also work on both days leaving my mother and stepfather running the show. I was a little pissed when I found out that my vintage 1930's record player was sold for $30 when I had it for $60. I also stood my ground when it came to people trying to jip me. One guy kept on trying to get 3 pairs of shoes two of which were new with tags on them and good brands (Steve Madden) for a total of $3! It pissed him off when I told him the price tags were on the shoes and that I thoUGHT $5 for a pair of Steve Maddens never worn was a fair price. People can be so dirty cheap sometimes. Perhaps that is whey we did fairly well. I wasn't allowing myself to get screwed. I don't even pull that crap when I go to flea markets. I understand the idea of trying to make a bargain but to rip people off is just tacky. Anyhoo... I will be donating the remainder of my stuff except the vintage furniture. That will be going on CL hopefully this week if I find the time.. I dug the dogs people were bringing with them.. This one guy brought this tiny bear like looking thing.  Now, that my garage is almost 100% free of junk I will start to build my studio! it will be rad!

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  1. The ungodly hour and bitch before 8am made me lol sooo hard


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