Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Adieu to clutter..

It is not very often that I say au revoir to my belongings so this Saturday possibly Sunday I will be bidding a farewell to many of my once loved items. Au revoir vintage furniture, suitcases, clothing and shoes, area rugs, and the things that once gave me the blues, au revoir to the junk that has accumulated for years and like a hoarder could never part until now. What a pity that I paid money to go away to get certifies as a Feng Shui practitioner five years ago and yet I have clutter... I hate clutter and I am excited to get rid of this stagnant waste.

I sort of screwed myself when I was asked if I would let a friend store bikes in my garage due to a lack of room at his place and now I can not walk in some areas of my garage due to his copious amounts of shit he has conveniently accumulated in my space. I want to build my studio in the garage and can not because of bike parts, tools, cranks and small bike parts that lay all around making my life feel like a cluttered fucking mess. So, that phone call of when I vented my frustration and told him I found a man who's business is that to load peoples crap away who goes by the name "The Repo Man" will be coming this weekend to help me load his clutter away. I feel the load to slowly lighten up now. I am hoping to make some extra cash out of this yard sale and whatever does not sell will be donated to the Assistance League of Newport Mesa. I am relived. Bummed that I have to work and bummed that if we decided to do the yard sale on Sunday I will be leaving for Train The Trainer Davines Colorspace training. Thank god for my mom!

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