Monday, April 19, 2010

Musket & Sabre..

Meet Moe... Moe is one rad guy who has a little antique shop located on the East Side in Costa Mesa just a short walk from Eat Chow.. I brought my friend Gina here after having lunch at Eat Chow today so that we could peruse his copious amounts of knick knacks and little tchotchkes. Moe has been the sole owner of Musket & Sabre Antique Arms for over 30 years and was previously located on the corner of 19th and Harbor Blvd until a little over a year and a half ago when the owners of the propriety demolished the building thus poor Moe was left looking for a new location for his store... Thus landing him here on the East Side..

What do I love about walking in Musket & Sabre... Well, though I am not a fan of cigar smoking I actually loathe the smell of it. But, for some reason walking in here closer to closing hours and seeing cute little Moe with his cigar in hand with a warm smile and greeting always seems like home regardless of the horrid stench of cigars. He will go over and beyond for you. In fact today I was looking for old broken pocket watches so that I could use the gears in my trinket making and he slowly walked around the shop digging through small bins in search of pocket watches. He truly is a friendly guy and I love coming in here. Every shelf is piled "knee deep" with tons of stuff.. One could spend hours in here and still of not fully gone through this shop. He has tons of interesting muskets and knives, old paintings, books, statues, odl civil era like stuff.. I am more interested in the small knick knacks and jewelry. Moe is also a well priced guy.. Nothing insanely overpriced. In fact hes super cheap.. I walked out with tons of new trinkets under $25 including a brass dancing figurine prop for my next show.. Go and meet Moe.. I hope his store continues to do well.. Perhaps write a review for Musket & Sabre Antique Arms. Imagine an antique mall, flea market and thrift shop and eBay all under one roof!!!

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