Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday in Long Beach.

Third Sunday of the month means (not brunch) the Long Beach Flea Market which means I wake up early and spend time perusing aisle by aisle looking for things that I can use in making my jewelry. Less than a week left before the THE MODERN TCHOTCHKES art show so I am real busy. I could of spent the day working at home but I wanted to find new/vintage items that I can use. The first booth that I hit was a nice couple who kept talking about their tattoos and how she will cut you a deal. This couple had an incredible selection of what could be seen in a grandmothers attic. Everything from vintage rouge makeup cases to old photographs, vintage Victorian velvet photo albums, perfume bottles, pill boxes and an insane collection of vintage matches. I ended up buying so much stuff here that she cut me deal! My biggest score at this booth would be the working Westclox clock I found! Only $20!!

I love the spending the day at a flea market. Roaming the aisles digging through piles and cutting deals and finding those gems is so much fun! I was a little disheartened that I didn't find any vintage dresses but I found basically what I have been looking for which was some Bakelite Mah Jong tiles, Bakelite dice and more vintage buttons. Some dealers also gave me extra stuff just because I was buying so much. I did find The Graduate on vinyl for $5!! Can't wait to play it!

Sorry friends but I am turning my phone off, logging out of AIM turning on Pandora (Broadcast station) and getting to work.. I can't keep texting and talking on the phone.. I gotta get busy. Tonight will be a long night...

my new finds today.. the Francoise Sagan book I picked up from Open in Long Beach in East Village... My favorite French writer!

~Christina S (LMT)


  1. Cool! I really like what you found... very inspiring.

  2. you're proud of that aren't you, lol THE GRADUATE.

  3. Very proud.. The Graduate was a good film.. Now if only I could find Jules et Jim.


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- Christina Sanchez