Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I've been necking

I was approached by a few friends asking if i made necklaces and I figured I should make some as well. Branch out and do something else. So, here is some of the pieces that I made. Many with certain friends in mind knowing that they would dig these pieces as well as what I would like. My materials are all vintage pieces. Everything from brooches, chains, watches, buttons, pendants, charms, dice, necklaces, beads, barrette's and earrings. Basically whatever I find that I could use I will. In fact I am using tons of the Russian nesting dolls "matryoshka's" in my pieces. I spend my Sunday's hunting at swap meets, thrift shops and flea markets and tons of online hunting. Of course there are a few things here and there that are not vintage like clasp and eye hooks some beads but for the most part it's recycled vintage pieces that are being made. Fortunately I have tons of my own jewelry that I have been able to tear apart and use. I am trying to keep things organized and not let my work station which is my dinning room become a mess.. Clutter is such bad feng shui..

All this newer pieces will be at the collab art show that I am taking part in and also soon to be up on my etsy account and website!

THE MODERN TCHOTCHKES (flyer for art show)!/event.php?eid=10150135800090131&ref=mf

If you have jewelry or trinkets that you are wanting to get rid of please.. SEND THEM TO ME! email me at ~

Christina S. (Le Modern Trinket)

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