Monday, March 15, 2010

Escape to Pasadena..

I love Pasadena for many reasons.. 1) my brother/friends live there and I love spending time with baby Parker.. 2) Old Town is charming 3) The Rose Bowl Flea Market.. I needed a get-a-way so I headed out to meet with my friends/family.. Rose Bowl flea market is always fun.. I can spend hours here so I rather be alone so that I can just sift through things. I perused the aisles dug through boxes, bins and trays looking for new things that I could utilize. Lately I have been using vintage Bakelite buttons in some of pieces but found none. However I found some cool things. Met a dealer that kept referring to me as "love" and "I'll give this to you because i love you dear".. A little creepy but whatever.. I got some rad broken watched from him. After the Rose Bowl I met my brother and family for a BBQ at his neighbors home. His neighbor's are a super friendly young artistic couple who opened their home to us and had us over for amazing food.. While I was making everyone St Germain cocktails I got to know the lady of the house Sara. She gave me a tour of her home which is one of the oldest homes in Pasadena built in 1898. While the guys played in the studio the girls sat out in the living room going through the jewelry that she makes. I invited Sara to be part of The Modern Tchotchkes show and she said YES! She makes amazing stuff and not only jewelry she makes beautiful sculptures and macrame and wire sculptures. I ended up getting a necklace from her. I am so excited for the new addition.. Sitting there inspired me and had my brain going of all the other things that I could make at home with my new/old things that I had bought at the flea market. We are getting together before the show so that she can teach me how to make molds for resin!! She like me uses o vintage jewelry and turns it into something new.... She will fit in perfectly with The Modern Tchotchkes.

Happy that I have Mondays off I sat at my work station (my dinning room table) and went to work all day.. Forgetting what time it was and how many hours I had been working. So now I am waiting for glue to dry like a painter waits for paint to dry... I have a ton of new things.. Even taught myself to sauder! Below is Sara Simon's blogspot. She hasn't posted much in a while but you can get an idea of what her style is like.

Below are some tid bits of what I have been up today.. Making use of Bakelite buttons, Bakelite dice and a Bakelite Mahjong tile.. I was a little scared to drill holes in the Bakelite Mahjong tiles. Thinking that they may bust and as thought the first tile did shatter and the smell of formaldehyde emanated and soon the room smelled like Formaldehyde. So with caution was the second Mahjong tile drilled and it is now a necklace. I love recycling vintage pieces. Mixing the old with the new!

~Christina S (Le Modern Trinket)

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