Thursday, March 25, 2010

My new love for my skin!

Two weeks ago I was a model for our aesthetician at the salon I work at for the new Clarisonic brush. She was thinking of carrying it and wanted to test it out first and thought that I would be a good candidate being that I have oily skin and the Clarisonic is supposed to be great for oily and dry skin as well as helps shrinkens pores! This brush oscillates 300 times per second and apparently will cleanse the skin 6x better than just normal washing with a wash cloth allowing it to deeply cleanse out the pores of makeup and oil! It felt a little weird when the bristles were on my nose tickles a little and I felt like I wanted to sneeze but it's nothing intolerable. As soon as she was done and I walked outside I felt like my skin could breath.

I couldn't wait for the Clarisonic rep to get one of these brushes in. (one week shipment time) I went to a beauty supply store nearby that I get a sweet discount at and I picked one up. Prices are pricey but when it is our skin I think why not. They normally retail for about $190 that is $$ but with that you get one brush head which last about 90 days and the kit comes with three different cleansers for different skin types. I really stick to the cleanser I use and haven't really touched the small sample one that came with my kit. I have been faithfully using the Clarisonic twice a day morn and night. People have complemented my skin saying that my skin is "glowing" and I am far from being pregnant so it for sure is not glowing for that reason. I get complements that my makeup looks good and I haven't switched any colors up lately. I truly believe that it was my little investment. I notice that my pores seem smaller and my skin less oily. I used the word less because I have oily skin this brush will not rid you of what your skin type is. It will help however tone down the over active sebaceous pores. It's pricey like I said but I know for a fact that I don't have the time to get facials like I love doing very often. I'm always busy and for me these days time equals money and that hour at the spa robs me of something that I need to be either working on or doing. Of course I will still get my facials but this Clarisonic brush really helps for the in between.

~Christina S. (LMT)

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