Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Denver... Awesome city.

Recent mini holiday trip to Denver, CO. Proved to be a fun trip of amazing food, music, and vintage shopping. Whenever I travel I always make it a point to hit up thrift shops, antique malls and vintage boutiques to look for 1) trinket making materials - 2) clothes and accecories. I came up to Denver to spend  it with the BF on his birthday while he and his band was on tour and had a show in the city for a few days for the Underground Music Showcase.

 We spent Sunday perusing the city finding great antique shops, malls and vintage clothing shops along with some great boutiques who feature local and non local sellers of the handmade community. One of the shops I came across was Fancy Tiger. The layered dress I wore that day though light in material just was too warm for me that I ended up wearing what I tried on. A cute dress from a local designer and I ended up buying another dress by a local designer who goes by Darling Ruth. I looked online to see if she had an Etsy account but couldn't find her. Her dresses are amazing. Another rad thing was that I saw a local Orange County handmade artist in Fancy Tiger Chantal deFelice. We have vended in the same shows like Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts  Fest in the past. It's a small world. Happy to see her stuff in here.

I fell in love with Denver. Especially the Capitol Hill, Washington Park and South Colfax area. I could certainly move here. There is a big handmade community here and so much great music. Home to DeVotchKa! We were shocked at how friendly everyone here was. No fake hipster wanna be cool vibe from anyone. The archetecture here is also something to be seen. But, I do love living near the water. And I am pretty much a California girl though I can see myself living in the Pacific North West. That's what a tanning salon are for.

a view from our  room at the Burnsley Hotel 
Capitol Hill district. 
Cass Mansion  

Fancy Tiger. A great boutique supporting the handmade community 
handmade jewelry @ the Fancy Tiger
I fell in love with Fancy Tiger. We almost passed it up but the BF asked me if I would like to go in and check it out. I was on a mission for vintage clothing and trinkets and just left the Boss Unlimited vintage shop and was hoping to find more vintage shops. I ended up buying two dresses (handmade) from local designers in the area. One of which I adore "Darling Ruth" Her handmade dresses are beautiful. The strip here South Broadway) reminds me very much of the Mission District in San Francisco. 

Blenko? Never seen a Blenko vase w/ an engraved image like this one. 
a wine bar in Denver called The Living Room. 
brunch at Le Central. He's looking up more places so that we can explore. Love the Yelp app. 
perusing in the Uptown district 
Cathedral of Immaculate Conception.
Denver's State Capitol. 
 I was in heaven.

We had a good time regardless of the heat. We walked over 5 miles Sunday using the Maps feature on the iPhone taking us to places that I bookmarked. We had an awesome brunch at Le Central then strolled through the neighborhoods in Capitol Hill. Found ourselves at the Antique Mall where I picked up materials for making trinkets. We continued on with more shopping right where The UMS was taking place. We were both exhausted from a non stop day that we had to nap before the bf had to leave to play a show for the UMS at Club 404. Though our trip was short and sweet. I got to so some exploring and stoked about that.  I have to say however that I really fell in love with Denver. Everyone here was so down to earth and really friendly. Not fake like many are.

Found at the Village Antique Mall. tiny little switch blades that I will turn into a trinket. 

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