Friday, March 25, 2011

"A Love Story"

Like writers who suffer from "writers block" I have to but that of "trinket block" if that makes any sense. I seem to find myself doing a lot of things lately which has taken time from being in the studio. That all changed last night. I am prepping for some photo shoots that will feature  Le Modern Trinket and a couple of shows around the bend. I will also be doing the Art Walk in Pomona in April. The photo shoot that I will be doing this weekend is for a bridal fashion vintage inspired photo shoot. I am using materials such as vintage rosary beads, old photographs of couples and weddings and watches. Here is just some of the stuff I was working on till 2am. 

The series that I call "A Love Story' is inspired by the photographs I have collected and what they represent. I am also recreating what I find to be another expression of love. Using vintage heart lockets, hollowed out watches and filling them with photographs and other pieces of materials I come across. More photos to follow. 

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