Friday, March 18, 2011

If you know me then you will also know what a fan I am of Vidal Sassoon's work and of the Bauhaus. With the release of the "Vidal Sassoon The Movie" and of the autobiography on Vidal Sassoon due out in April. It was not much of surprise to see Vidal being featured in the current issue of  Archiectural Digest. If you have never read anything on Vidal this is a nice little brief peek into how architecture and the Bauhaus influenced his work.

Vidal truly changed the world of hair. For in his time it was common to go into the salon and get a blowout and some back combing. I loved his comment in this article where he said that he "hated the prettiness that was in fashion at that time".  He turned what typical boring hairdressing was into art. With iconic styles like that of Nancy Kwan, Mary Quant, Mia Farrow and Peggy Moffitt and that is just to name a few. I was lucky enough to get a copy of his new autobiography thanks to my friend who was on site for a book signing! She even had it signed to me!!

my new Sassoon book signed to me! Thanks Melissa! 

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