Sunday, November 28, 2010

Preparation for Patchwork..

I'm packed and ready to head out soon for the Santa Ana Patchwork Indie Arts and Crafts Fest today. This will be my third showing with Patchwork. Chances of showers is in the midst which I hope will not scare the perusing crowd off. Last night it began to pour as my friends and I tried to load up my car. That is the bulk of the work is loading and unloading but despite the rain we loaded, got soaked and this morning I am left with some sniffles.  The past two weeks have been insanely hectic. I worked not only long hours at the salon but also rushing home to work till the late hours. Some exciting things have come out of all this hard work for me. Like a few offers to do shows in other cities and one to organize a handmade indie show. My website has been launched and the polishing of it is still being done. Then there is the recent interview I had with the OC Art Blog. They came to my house on Thanksgiving eve and did an interview on LMT. They wanted to see what Le Modern Trinket was about, who  was behind it and get to know what inspires me. materials used and take a look at my studio. 

I can't believe all the trinkets I have made. I've shown a lot in the past and it is always the norm for me to become like a factory and work non-stop, have a pretty non existent social life all though I managed a few times to take a break to meet up for cocktails other than that I become a mad woman in the studio.  Last night I felt it.  After loading up I returned to working on a few more trinkets. I sat back in my chair in my studio rubbed my eyes took a look around and it hit me. I am exhausted. Prepping for shows is a lot of work. I know this not only of myself but any other crafter, artist who shows. Here is my rant.. Now I must get dressed and meet my friends! Patchwork is today! LMT will be in space #4 near Broadway near the food vending trucks!

Happy Holidays people! Support Handmade. Our show starts today at 11am-5pm. click here for the address. 

Here is just a peak into some of my pieces. More can be found on the LMT Facebook page.

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