Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Don't do Black Friday. Do Patchwork!

I always seem to hibernate and restrict myself of anything other than working at the salon and the running into a restaurant for take-out then rushing home to work more on jewelry and whatever other things I need to get done a few weeks before a big show. The week before a show I am strictly work.  This Sunday is the Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival in Santa Ana. (11.28.2010)  Last Sunday was the Patchwork in Long Beach which was a chilly and a windy day with forecast of showers. Despite the weather the turn out was great. I went as a patron this time around. Now, with the Patchwork Santa Ana show just around the bend the forecast once again predict rain. Regardless of that this event is a Rain or Shine event.

I will be splitting a 10x10 booth with my friend and co-worker Janae of Love Preslee. We will be in space 4 which will be located near the gourmet food trucks. (off Broadway). I will once again be neighbors with my friend Aileen Holmes.  Here is some recent pics of some pieces that I have been busy working on. Lately I have been using a lot of vintage Victorian and skeleton keys and more vintage photos cira late 20's-early 40's in my pieces. Here is just a few that I have done along with some rings that I have started making.

In case you don't have a clue about Patchwork or what sort of vendors will be there here are just a few of my friends who will be vendors. It's not the run of the mill stuff.  One could seriously do all of their Christmas shopping at Patchwork. Random Nicole, Kelso Doesnt Dance, Melissa Loschy Designs and J.Holden Designs. Check out their sites. This is just a small example of what sort of crafty people will be at Patchwork!

 I will also be doing free fringe trims for the ladies and dudes if you have fringe!

I even turned old concert pins into earrings. Here are some for those who love Elliott.. I don't want to part with these.

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