Saturday, October 2, 2010

Video blog... Exploring San Antonio

Best way to explore a city is to do it on foot. My expectations of San Antonio, Texas were very low. I thought Tex-Mex, cowboy boots, rancheros, BBQ, bad highlights which I have seen a lot of. However for the most part I have found the most beautiful areas in San Antonio that have a thriving artist community and the architecture is something that is just amazing.

I will be updating my photo blog as I go. The people here are also lovely and so nice. Of course I had to take a tour of the Alamo and the old mission on the grounds. My hotel is next door. So I was being cliche by visiting but it's history and it's beautiful. My favorite part of San Antonio is Southtown, King Williams area and Hemisfair Park. It's off the beaten track and a walk but it's worth getting away from the run of the mill redundant tourist trap.

Alamo at nite

The Alamo

Inside the Alamo

One of the shortest walks in the most adorable little old neighborhoods. Hemisfair Park.

Blue Star Contemporary Gallery. Perhaps they were in between shows because there was not much work up.

The Blue Star Arts compound part of the Southtown Arts district.

Along the river in the King Williams district. Yielding amazing mansions dating back to 1860.

Back of Guenther House in king Williams.

Caterdal de San Fernando. This active catholic church has bodies entombed in the walls from those who died at the battle of the Alamo. It is one of the stops on the ghost haunt evening tour. Running your hands on the walls alongside where the bodies are entombed on the right side of the back of the church you can feel "energy" i.e. fingers tingle, joints swell up, you feel cold spots and you feel heaviness in the hands. You can also see faces on the wall. Photos to follow.

Catedral de San Fernando.

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